What is the refund policy?

This enrollment agreement may be canceled within five calendar days after the date of signing provided that the school is notified of the cancellation in writing.

In the event of a cancellation, the Kable Academy will refund all tuition paid pursuant to the enrollment agreement. The stated refund will be made no later than thirty days after written cancellation in accordance with Ohio Administrative Code 3332-1-10.

This provision shall not apply if the student has already started academic classes.

Tuition in full is due prior to the first day of class. Students are eligible for a complete tuition refund up to the end of Day 5 of classroom instruction, provided that the Kable Academy is notified by the student in writing prior to the deadline.

On Day 6 of classroom instruction, students are committed to paying Phase 1 tuition in full; unless they are counseled out of the program due to poor performance. In the event of poor performance.

Upon completion of Phase 1, students have until the end of the first day of class in Phase 2 to withdraw from the program in writing for a full refund of Phase 2 and Phase 3 tuition. If students are counseled out due to poor performance, students will be refunded Phase 3 tuition.

Upon the completion of Phase 2, students have until the end of the first day of class in Phase 3 to withdraw in writing from the program for a refund of Phase 3 tuition.

The Kable Academy will refund tuition in accordance with the aforementioned refund policy no later than thirty days after the student withdraws from the program.