What is Full-Stack Funding?

Full-Stack Funding is Kable Academy’s unique funding system that helps our students get the best funding possible for their education.

We offer a wide variety of funding options, most of which can be used together to create your customized stack and reduce your overall debt. We are able to offer scholarships and grants as well as non-traditional financing options (such as Income Share Agreements).


For example, Jamal, a real KA student:

His custom funding stack consisted of:

  • $0 money down
  • Income Share Agreement
  • (OhioMeansJobs) County Funding based on his address

Thanks to full-stack funding, Jamal finished the class with only $3,000 left to pay out-of-pocket.

Do you want to talk to an Admissions Coach about your customized stack? Schedule a time to meet here.