What is an Income-Share Agreement (ISA)?

An ISA is a way to fund your schooling without paying the full tuition until you get hired!

It's a contract between Student and School, where in exchange for educational financing, the Student agrees to share a fixed percentage of their post-graduate earnings over a set period.

Because the amount paid back is calculated as a percentage of your future earned income, payments will automatically adjust to your ability to pay, and should always remain manageable. And, since payments are measured against your actual earnings, with an ISA, it is ok if the amount you ultimately pay back is less than the actual cost of tuition.

Students will set up a personalized ISA profile that will stay in a deferred state until they complete the course. Then, they will update their profile on a monthly basis to reflect their current employment status. Once they received a job that pays at least $30,000, their monthly payments will start.